Custom Window Draperies

Custom Draperies Los Angeles


Our head-designer Kenkoi hails from the high-fashion industry. Kenkoi’s ability to create aesthetic perfections with fabric has earned him many industry recognitions. As an interior designer, he brings not only his natural talent, but the years of experience as a top Los Angeles fashion guru. He understands proportion like no one else, and his visions are perfect compositions, each a piece of art. Our award winning luxury drapery and bedding are treasured among those “in-the-know.” We carry over 5,000 fabric samples from best-known mills around the world. We specialize in unusual designer fabrics and eco-friendly materials. LWID import many of our popular fabrics directly from the production lines thereby lowering the cost for our clients. Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised at our reasonable price. In general terms, our price is around 20% less than most national retailers. On orders of more than $2,000 installation is complimentary, which is another 10 to 15% savings. High quality does not always carry a high price tag. Our custom hardware is also purchased directly from the manufacturers. Instead of up to 4 weeks delivery time like many of our competitors, we can deliver within 10 business days. Both of our hardware lines—LJB Drapery Hardware and Fabricut Designer Hardware—offer life-time guarantee on their finishes. From exquisitely hand painted finials to genuine water gilded silver finishes, our hardware pieces are sure to please even the most discriminating of tastes. All these quality control measures are possible because we run our own workroom. Lance’s hands-on approach allows us to ascertain only the highest level of craftsmanship. It is no wonder that our drapery adorns many famed local establishments like the Euro Chow and the Yamato restaurant in Westwood, the restaurant Bann and the Maitreya Bar & Grill, the Hair day, the Hills hair salon, and the Etude Lounge salon in Korea Town.