Contemporary Italian Kitchen Cabinets at Their Finest!

Our industry partner Miton Italian Cucine's Sherman Oaks Showroom is conveniently located on 319911 Ventura Blvd. The latest models of Miton cabinets are on display, along with Kico Home Elements modular wall units. These two Italian brands are the epitome the luxury minimallist contemporary Italian design. They feature the latest hardware and accesory designs such as the handles, knobs, channels and lighting. The most advanced technology is implemented in all their mechanical parts i.e., the hinges and the hydrolic slides for lift-up or click-down doors.

The current array of surface finishes are a designers' dream come tru. Whether it's the precious wood grains, high-gloss laquor, or the textured laminates that you are looking for, you will find the perfect solution with the Miton Italian Modern kitchen cabinets.

As a sister company to the Miton brand, the Kico Home elements Italian Modular wall units and cabinets can coordinate exquisitely with most of the Miton finishes. More photos available in our portfolio section.

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