LWID Los Angeles Downtown Showroom

Located in the Historic Reef building in Downtown Los Angeles, the Hospitality! showroom is a one-stop resource for designers who are searching for the "next key looks" in hospitality sector. Whether it's a boutique hotel, a restaurant, or even a hair salon, our experienced and talented staff will guide you through the ocean of resources and ideas available to us.

Lance Wang Interior is proud have participated in many designer installations such as the California Dreaming for Well, and the ASID Expo. Lance Wang Interior has collaberated with Hospitality's owner/designer Annika Sandburg on the Standford Plaza Los Angeles, and the Metropolis project. Lance Wang Interior has completed many other successful commercial projects in Los Angeles, i.e., the Solair Wilshire, the Summit on 6th, the Madang Mall, Villa Nuova, and many more.

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